August 8, 2018

ICYMI: 3 Tech Updates for Marketing Success

Staying on top of the latest tech updates for marketing success can be intimidating and overwhelming. We’re here to help! Here is a list of 3 new tech features that may likely impact your marketing.

1. Instagram – customized Topic Channels for users

So far, Instagram updates this year have enabled us to schedule posts in advance, purchase items, and much more. Users can schedule posts on platforms like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Later (previously Latergram) directly, without having to make the actual post via airdrop on your phone. Such a time saver for social media marketers! More recently, Instagram has come out with a slew of Instagram updates and features in the service better storytelling and user experience. We’d like to highlight one of the latest features that we believe will grow your audience.

Last month, Instagram announced their newest feature: Topic Channels in the Explore section. Various topics will now appear at the top of the Explore section, to show users categories of posts they could click to see. All recommendations will be personalized to the user’s on-platform behaviour. If a user tends to like and comment on fashion photos, they will be served up categories and photos that will appeal to the user based on past behaviour. With over two hundred million users visiting the Explore tab daily, this feature allows new users in your target audience to discover your content, based on similar interests.

tech updates for marketing instagram 2         tech updates for marketing instagram

Insider tip: These Topic Channels will display popular hashtags related to the channel you’re viewing. Pay attention to trending hashtags, as they can be used to elevate your own posts and grow your reach. If they’re popular enough for Instagram to list, it is highly likely that users in your target audience are using and searching for them. Those people are likely your target audience.          


2. Facebook – the origin of audience information for Advertisers exposed.

Updates to Facebook’s policies and procedures are constant. For business, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with all the new changes. From ad campaigns, to targeting, there are so many components and updates to stay in-the-know about! Facebook has recently changed the way advertisers manage their Custom Audience lists. A custom audience is a list, or group, generated on Facebook based on people that have previously expressed interest in your brand. This includes website visitors, customers, leads and followers. They are the ideal target market to share your ads with. Advertisers are now required to specify the origin of the audiences’ information when uploading Custom Audience lists.

Has the information been collected directly from people? Provided by partners? Or is it a combination of the two? Facebook hopes to create more transparency for users, so that they are able to understand why an ad being displayed in their News Feeds. Users can now click “Why am I seeing this?” in a drop-down menu for the ad.

tech updates for marketing facebook

tech updates for marketing facebook 1

Insider tip: Keep your team informed! Anyone on your ad account team who manages Custom Audience lists on the platform must also agree to Facebook’s new rules.

3. Twitter – limitations to default tweets & more.

What’s up with Twitter? During the 2016 US presidential election, Twitter was plagued with malicious spam and bot activity. Since then, the company has worked hard to eliminate bad actors on the platform. They have also been working to improve the functionality of conversations within the app. In the beginning on July, Twitter removed locked accounts from the “followers” number. Twitter accounts are typically locked due to suspicious activities that violate Twitter Rules or Terms of Service, or even users that joined Twitter before they were 13.

Twitter has made a commitment to improve the overall health of its platform. In September 2018, Twitter is going to be implementing new limitations on user activity on the app. This will limit number of Tweets, Retweets, Likes, Follows, and Direct Messages.

The following list highlight the updates:

  • Tweets and Retweets (combined): 300 per three hours
  • Likes: 1,000 per 24 hours
  • Follows: 1,000 per 24 hours
  • Direct messages: 15,000 per 24 hours

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