So there has been a whole lot of hoopla regarding the new Facebook algorithm, which went from being called Edge Rank to Bump recently. I first read about the news release on Mashable that points to a Facebook article outlining the criteria for “quality content”, and not much seems to have changed.

As a Facebook Page Admin, you will still need to deliver content that is relevant to your audience in order to get Likes, Comments and Shares, and how many of these you get determines your Page’s quality rank that will be applied for future posts.

What irritates me is that “reputable source” is included because it is a bit of an egg and chicken situation and makes me wonder who they consider reputable in the first place? I suspect large media / corporations will get first billing, and aren’t we here to get away from that kind of media? Small business and not-for-profits will again be penalized.

Other than that, I am relieved that good content is still good practice, so not much has changed unless you are an Admin that has focused on gaming the algorithm. You know, those irritating practices that involve:

  • Asking for Likes, Comments and Shares
  • Memes

However, sometimes asking for Likes, Comments and Shares is optimal, for example, when you are posting about your products and services. But you know the ones that irritate; when “Like if you agree” seems to be on every post. 


Now is a good time to review your Insight numbers. Here are the details on the Bump algorithm, and while you’re at it, give me a bump :)

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