February 1, 2019

Social Media Training and BC Employer Training Grant Application

[Updated February 21, 2019]

We are currently accepting applications.

Did you know that our Social Media Training programs qualify for subsidies through the BC Employer Training Grant (ETG)? Nowadays, business success is spearheaded by well-developed and relevant social media marketing strategies. Here at Liddleworks, we offer Social Media Training courses for entrepreneurs who are just starting out, and seasoned business owners with a team. We provide training that gives you the necessary skills to grow your business. After our training, you will feel confident in your social media skills.

Who is the 12 & 24-Week Social Media Training For?

The 12 and 24-week training courses are designed for individuals who are either:

  1. Entrepreneurs with little to no social media or tech experience, are tech-phobic, and needs help developing digital strategy from scratch.
  2. Business owners who are more experienced, know the fundamental basics of social media and would like to upgrade their current skill-sets. This includes: the development of new strategies, techniques, and analysis, as well as adding new platforms into their ongoing routine.

Learn more about on our 12 & 24-Week Training Programmes here. Read the complete Social Media Training course outline here.

To complement our training programs,we work with a grant consulting company who will help you through the steps for the BC Employer Training Grant (ETG). We pay the grant consulting fee and you get an excellent way to subsidize the cost of our social media training. Read on to learn more about the grant and how to apply.

What is the BC Employer Training Grant (ETG)?

The BC Employer Training Grant (ETG) (formerly the BC Job Grant) is a program designed to assist employers in providing skills training to new or current employees. The program aims to assist with the development of skills and certification, upgrade skills needed due to automation, and enhance productivity. The grant provides up to $8 million in funding for the 2018/2019 fiscal year. Please note: you must have a municipal Business Licence for a minimum of 1 year to qualify for the grant. To find out if you’ve registered your business, call BC Registry Services at 1-877-822-6727.

How Our Social Media Training Pairs with the BC ETG Grant

After selecting the social media training package that best suits your needs, we will introduce you to our grant company representative and guided through the grant application process. Liddleworks Indie Media works directly with a grant consulting company and all associated costs are covered by us. In order to qualify, you are required:

  1. to be a registered company
  2. have held a valid civic business license for at least one year. This is a strict requirement for this grant.

Once you’ve started the grant application process, you are committing to training with Liddleworks Indie Media. And payment must be made in full. However, if you decide to withdraw once step #2 (of the following list) has been completed, you will be required to pay the 20% grant application fee and a refund will be issued for all other fees.

How to Apply for the BC ETG Application?

Here are six simple steps for applying for the BC ETG grant:

  1. Contact us and we will put you in touch with our grant consulting company.
  2. Apply for a BCeID account. This is a mandatory step before you can submit the grant application. (DO NOT choose to verify by mail as you’ll miss the current grant application deadline and delay your training by up to 4 months). If you already have an account, please use your existing BCeID number.
  3. Fill out a pre-screening survey provided by the grant consulting company. (Once you have completed this step, you are committed to train with us and provide payment in full)
  4. Fill out and submit your grant application. Application wait time is around 8 weeks.
  5. Pay Liddleworks Indie Media for your training, once you have received approval from the government.
  6. Submit your reimbursement claim.

If you are interested in applying, please contact me as soon as possible. Call me at 604-722-1264, or send me an email at [email protected]. Please note: expressions of interest in the program must be made by March 1, 2019 at 12 pm.

If you know anyone who would be interested in our social media training program, we would gladly welcome your referrals. Individuals with successful referrals – that commit to training with us – have the opportunity to receive 10 free Social Social sessions or 1 free HotSeat session.

Please do not hesitate to contact with me with any additional questions. Get in touch today to clarify any questions regarding my training packages, or the BCJobs grant application.