April 26, 2011

Ben hams it up again!

Meet Ben, a little cutie from Vancouver

Meet Ben, a little cutie from the West side of Vancouver, the latest Buggy Bag model. There aren’t too many times in life when I am interested in re-shooting the same subject. Usually, I end up doing so due to some kind of technical error, and this time was no exception. So, when Leslie Cairns, Creative Director for Buggy Bag Mobility Accessories set up a second shoot with Ben, I was not necessarily unhappy, but I was not overly excited either. This time, I took Prophecy, my trusty assistant, with her newly acquired reflector-holding skills. The day prior, I had gone through my speech about how the only person she was to take direction from was me, even when other people start getting involved. Inevitably, everyone has an opinion as to who should be where, and what should be happening.

Here is pre-shoot Prophecy “finding her light”

[/caption] And then Ben made me forget about all the anxiety associated with “getting the shot”, with his sunny disposition and cheesy sense of humour! We were singing songs, smelling daffodils, and just enjoying a lovely, albiet chilly, spring day in Vancouver. We were able to get what we needed in about 30 minutes, and thankfully, the computer cooperated. So look for Ben on our next Buggy Bag brochure, what a little cutie!

Leslie adjusts the Buggy Bag, while I organize the lighting situation


  1. Hey, nice post Rina. You rock it in so many great ways!
    And, wow, did you ever get some great shots.

    • Thanks Leslie! I am glad you are pleased!

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