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Tips on how to Optimize Images Before Uploading Them to your Blog

If you want your content to shine online, images are essential.

Adding images to any piece of content, be it a blog post, a web page, an ebook, or anything else, enhances the overall user experience.

But you can’t just … Read More

Blog Title Generators That Will Drive Traffic To Your Blog

A blog title generator is a powerful tool that produces a catchy, topical headline for your blog post. Just input nouns or a list of words into the title box, assign a category, and click “generate” to get started. The … Read More

Blog Writing Overview for Beginners

The approach Keep an idea list.

When inspiration for a post strikes, scribble it down in a notebook or use a Smartphone App, such as Evernote or Awesomenote. Think with your camera and attach the photos to the note. You … Read More

Top 10 DIY Social Media Tasks for your Small Business

So you’ve boot strapped your business and all your available resources are going to cost of goods and employees. That’s pretty normal for many small business owners –and we’re not here to tell you it’s a bad strategy for the … Read More

What is the Most Common Cause of a Data Breach?

Data breaches can happen for several reasons. These include stolen passwords, malicious insiders, cyberattacks by criminals, and social engineering. While each can have risks, a data breach can significantly disrupt a business’s operations. This can result in lost productivity and … Read More