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We are currently seeking a Social Media Communications Specialist

Liddleworks Indie Media is a boutique agency offering customized solutions to enhance our clients’ online reputation. Our services include website development, SEO, web hosting services, social media management and strategy, blog … Read More

Ad of the Week: Nike

This week’s advertisement pick is dedicated to anyone who’s lacking motivation. I missed my run last night and I will certainly be making it up today.

Wieden + Kennedy do a great job of making Nike’s Just Do It slogan … Read More

Improve Your Writing Skills in 5 Simple Steps!

Clear, concise sentences formed from clear, concise thoughts create the most impact when communicating. Improve the quality of your writing with a few tweaks, and you will also improve the meaning of its content. Achieve eloquence and improve your writing … Read More

Your Best Bet For Better Writing: Sentence Rhythm

It’s usually the smallest things that make the biggest difference. When it comes to your writing, it all comes down to sentence rhythm. It takes practice. This is different than learning spot-on grammar and formulating coherent ideas that flow perfectly. … Read More

How to add social profile buttons to your Google My Business listing

In case you missed it, Google added instructions on how to add your social profile buttons to your Google Business listing. Like in the example below:

Currently, Google only supports these social profiles:

  • Facebook • Twitter • Google+ … Read More