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So there has been a whole lot of hoopla regarding the new Facebook algorithm, which went from being called Edge Rank to Bump recently. I first read about the news release on Mashable that points to a Facebook article outlining the … Read More

Brighton College – Online Marketing & Social Media

Day 2

For homework. I am expecting email of your text and photo portions of today’s class in my inbox by midnight. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to the podcast from Day one, scroll down to the … Read More

Meandering Revelations

Normally I don’t get too personal on this page, it is a professional place, right? But yesterday at a networking event, I was stunned by a potential client who said to me that when choosing a social media marketing person … Read More

“I urgently need your help”

I received an email message today where the sender’s first line was “I urgently need your help”. When someone urgently needs my help, I think they are in trouble, and that I need to mobilize myself, energy and resources into … Read More