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The Client that listens to Clients

Arrrg, I say! How do you convince your client not to listen to their client?

I spend so much time convincing my clients that social media is really about supplying their customers with an avenue to communicate directly with them, … Read More

Penelope Brown Photoshoot

There is nothing more satisfying than working in tandem with a colleague to efficiently produce the desired results. And this is the kind of satisfaction reached by Prophecy and me this past week! Prophecy organized and photographed the Penelope Brown … Read More

Ben hams it up again!

Meet Ben, a little cutie from the West side of Vancouver, the latest Buggy Bag model. There aren’t too many times in life when I am interested in re-shooting the same subject. Usually, I end up doing so due to … Read More


Blogs are an excellent way to get to know the company with which you are interested in doing business. Sign up for this feed for a voyeuristic experience into the collaborative marketing model, and we will account for which theories … Read More

Testing my new blog feed…does this reach Liddleworks wall?

I won’t make this blog post too long, on account that I might have erred in its set-up, the part of blogging that is not my strength! If this works, I will make a martini, and put my business to … Read More