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A Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed: Quote Maker Edition

Coffeemaker, shoemaker, what about a quote maker?

You know, because sometimes you have a ?fire? quote you just want to share with the world, right? So if you’ve ever wanted to know how to create professional-looking quotes using beautiful handcrafted designs … Read More

Why Should I Use Link Shorteners?

Have you ever wanted to post a link but it’s just waaay too long? 

We’ve been there… It’s not very attractive as there are many random numbers and letters in the link that nearly ALWAYS reach the character limit — … Read More

Improve your Writing Skills with Hemingway App

Are you struggling to improve your writing skills for the web? 

Struggle no more! We’ve got a great writing and editing resource to share with you called, Hemingway App. It’s a powerful tool designed to help make your writing bold, … Read More

Writing a Business Plan for Beginners

Business owners! This one’s for you:

Writing a business plan: is it fun or not?

For most people, writing a business plan is sadly not the most fun thing in the world, trust us, we know! However, having a set … Read More

Get a Full Social Media Rundown on Hootsuite

What is the first thing you do when beginning your workday? (After coffee, of course). Typically the first thing we do is to check all the accounts for direct messages, comments, mentions, and any questions we have to answer from … Read More