September 23, 2010

Buggy Bag Next Top Model — where everyone is a winner!

It has almost been two weeks since the Buggy Bag photo shoot, and I cannot believe how fast time flies! But, the day was absolutely perfect! The weather was overcast, shining a lovely, even light on our products. The models were exceptional! We could not have asked for any others! They were on time, patient and well-humoured –a real treat to work with. Derek, (as seen above with model, June) was excellent with our beginner models. He was able to direct them into giving us good pictures for us to use on our website.


As I sit here writing this post, I am finding it difficult to decide upon a favourite part. Definitely one of the highlights was working with Georgina and her working dog, Duncan, a beautifully well-mannered black lab. Poor Duncan was confused because I inadvertently scheduled the shoot at his favourite doggie park. He had no idea why Georgina got to play, while he waited with strangers by the bench, oscillating between patience and impatience! Good doggie! Finally, it was his turn, but he seemed to be more interested in having Derek throw the ball instead of taking pictures:

Below is a great shot of Leslie and model, Silvie MacCormac. We were fortunate to hook up with wheelchair models through the BC Paraplegic Association and their Client Services Coordinator, Lydia Walczak. I met Lydia by chance on Granville Island, where the Association was hosting a race for their members. Sylvie is an accomplished musician, you can find her work here. We are hoping that Sylvie will play at the Buggy Bag website launch party…we will let you know if that plan pans out!

To view the final photos, visit the Buggy Bag website, and to keep informed, join the Facebook page.

Special thanks to all our models:

  • Sylvie
  • Kent
  • Ken
  • Samantha and baby Elizabeth
  • June
  • Georgina and doggie Duncan


And a special thanks to Lydia for coordinating models and Derek Andrews for the photography.

One-handed photography, my favourite!



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