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How Influencers & Algorithms are Killing Social Media

Do you know what an algorithm is, what it does, and how it changes?

An algorithm is a tool that can be organized in different ways in order to be able to perform various tasks and can sometimes work well, … Read More

Organic Facebook Strategies

We’re going to be honest, the best way to increase your reach on Facebook is with a combination of organic and paid strategies. If you don’t have the budget for ads, or you’re having trouble getting good organic … Read More

4 ways to advertise on Instagram

Instagram is platform many of us know and love; sharing photos of experiences, life moments, products, services and so much more. When considering your business and the Instagram platform, you want to know the best way to reach your … Read More

DIY Social Media Tools

[updated: Oct. 30/23] Organizational Apps To Simplify Your Online Life

I’ve had a number of people query me about what kinds of tools I use to organize my social media life. The fact that that is a question at all … Read More