March 2, 2022

Do you want to Send an Encrypted Message?

We recently discovered a cool tool, called One-Time Secret. This is a one-time link you can use to send sensitive info to one person.
Kind of like a self-destructing message, if you will.

This is a one-time link that self-destructs after being read

Most people send things like passwords or private links via email or chat. But, there are copies of that info stored in many places. Yet, if you use a one-time link instead, that information lasts for a single viewing. This means, that the message cannot be read by someone else later. You can send sensitive info in a safe way knowing it’s seen by that one person only.

What happens when I burn a secret?

Burning a secret will delete it before it has been read. If you send someone a secret link and burn the secret before they view it, they will not be able to read it. In fact, it will look to them like the secret never existed at all.

Your encrypted message will stay active for a certain amount of time

The secret link will be available for 5 minutes or until it’s viewed. Then poof!
Ready to get started? Here’s how to use One-Time Secret:

  1. Write or Copy/Paste a login & password, message or private link in the box provided. All information must be added in the box at the same time – this is a one-time message. If you make a mistake, exit and start again.
  2. Leave “Lifetime of link” set to 7 days (this is from date of issue)
  3. Press “Create a Secret Link
  4. Copy the link provided into an email you send to us
  5. A secret link only works once and then disappears forever.

Let us know if you’ll be using this tool!