March 4, 2019

Help Your Small Business Thrive with FreshBooks

As a small business owner, the less time I can spend on invoicing and the more time I can spend helping my clients, the better. I’m sure that whether you’re a team of one, a steadily growing medium-sized business, or a newly built operation, you can relate.

The whole process of billing your clients each month can be time-consuming, not to mention confusing, and, let’s be honest: your *way* of tracking projects is probably not the most effective.

That’s why Liddleworks jumped on the FreshBooks train in 2010. They offer an invoicing software that does the work for us, and makes billing my clients and tracking my employees painless.

At Liddleworks Indie Media, we are committed to finding our clients the best digital marketing solution for their business, but if we could also help our clients and friends find the solution to their accounting woes — FreshBooks would be it.

Let’s break down some of our favorite FreshBooks features:


Track your hours in real-time, make changes on a previous entry, review tracked hours by project, and track on-the-go with the FreshBooks mobile app. Learn more about the app from our latest #TechTip video.


Who knew invoices could only take a few minutes, or even seconds?! Automatically generate an invoice for a client, and FreshBooks will remember your invoice each month. FreshBooks offers clean and simple invoice templates, and lets you upload your business’s logo and colours.

Electronic payments.

Not a fan of collecting cheques by mail? FreshBooks allows for online, direct deposit payments between bank accounts and connects to Stripe. It’s quick to set-up, and FreshBooks does all of the bank linking for you.


Each month, I create a list of projects for my employees in FreshBooks, so they know which projects they need to be working on — and tracking their hours for. I can monitor their progress, compare projects, and make sure we stay on budget.


Get instant reports for invoice details, expenses, profit and loss, sales tax, client revenue, and more, just by clicking a button. You can also “star” which reports you use most often, so FreshBooks can know to ready them for you.

Customer service.

This is my favourite part! I’ve been with FreshBooks for nine years and they have phone support. Now, that’s not entirely unusual, however, THEY PICK UP ON THE FIRST RING. Honestly, I thought I was working with a small company because they were that available. Imagine my surprise when I learned they had millions of clients around the globe! The interface is very clean, so there’s not much room for navigational confusion or error, but any time we’ve needed to reach out to customer service, the response has always been prompt, thorough, and, well, actually human.

The conclusion is simple: if FreshBooks fits any of the above invoicing needs for your business, you can count on a smooth accounting system as a result. If you’re still weighing your options, or not sure if you’re ready to make the jump to FreshBooks, comment below! We’d love to learn more about what you’re currently using, or answer any questions you may have.

Disclaimer: Liddleworks Indie Media is an official affiliate of FreshBooks Cloud Accounting software. While the links in the blog are affiliate links, all thoughts, reviews, and opinions are our own.