June 28, 2018

How Google’s HTTPS Update to Chrome Affects Your Website

Drastic changes have been in Google’s HTTPS update to Chrome. Your site needs to be prepared. If it isn’t, you might face difficulties with a decline in engagement and traffic from visitors. Beginning on July 2018, Chrome will directly notify people of their sites are secure or not.

Google has and continues to make adjustments on how they handle secured websites. Talks about these alerts being shown to users appeared in 2017. And now Google is moving forward by expanding this ability.

Are you aware of the huge difference between HTTP vs HTTPS? This can have a significant impact on you, whether you’re running an online store or a basic blog. The way your site appears in Google Chrome is directly related to its overall success; not merely just for sales-related reasons.

Chrome’s HTTPS Update and Its Impact on Your Site

As Google is cracking down on security, it is pushing a new feature to the popular browser. Google’s integrated ability will be able to determine if your website is using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

If they detect that your website lacks the SSL, the URL of your website in the address bar will be followed by “Not secure”. This example is only a small glimpse of the importance of website security in regards to your online presence.

How Google SSL Changes Impact Your Site

In actuality, the difference between a secured and not secured site is huge. It goes beyond the scope of letting people know their data is safe and they are browsing on a reputable site.

These are three key points you should consider when thinking about website security and promoting the site with an SSL.

1. Authentication Process Between the Site and its Visitors

The use of an SSL protects data that goes to and from your site. It acts as a barrier against hackers from intercepting or changing information in transit. For example, a hacker could alter images or perform launches for software within elements in view on an unprotected site.

Setting up an SSL essentially creates a tunnel between your visitors that lead directly to your site. A strong tunnel will reduce the probability of someone affecting the visitor from outside. A simple analogy to understand what encrypting data with SSL does for your online guests is to think of a subway system. When it rains on the street, people in the subway system are protected from getting soaked.

2. Establish Confidence in Your Visitors

It is uncommon for online shoppers to make purchases on sites that are unsecure. Even websites with substantial facts or statistics, may lose the trust of users due to security issues. The indication of a deep green message on their address bar is affects whether users continue browsing or leave your site. Choosing to get a premium SSL certificate is a great idea, as it comes with Dynamic Site Seals, warranty, and other benefits that appeal to a user’s confidence.

Since the competition on the Internet is already so tough, the last thing you would want to do is deflect any potential customers. Stay on top, and set up an SSL to prevent any shortcomings in visitor engagement.

Take note that around 60% of all online traffic worldwide is on Google Chrome. Meaning to say, a huge proportion of your visitors will be able to see if your site is secure or not.

3. Improvements for SEO and Page Ranking

Since 2012, with Google’s Penguin update – they have been investing more efforts in the promotion of security and quality. In present day, sites protected by SSL have a higher priority in search engines.

Put this to the test. Conduct a quick Google search on any topic of interest. Examine the top 10 results. It is safe to say that these sites will have an SSL certificate or high domain authority.

User Experience is Key

Google’s SSL requirements creates a safer Internet, which improves the overall user experience. The key takeaway from this update is: success is attained by establishing confidence in your users, as they navigate a secure website.

Improving your site’s visibility in Chrome, leads to improvements in the visibility of your site in Google search. Good security matters. Don’t delay the process of getting started today or you might lose sales, leads, and subscribers.

Start Today with SSL and Benefit

If you delay the process of securing your website, you’ll continue to lose traffic. And that is a fact. Stay ahead of your competition by getting secured today.

We offer three services to help you get started with an SSL certification compatible to your website. The services include:

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