June 11, 2019

How to Schedule Emails

Trouble with email management?

Manage your emails without the overwhelm. You don’t have to to work on your business and emails late at night or early in the morning. When this happens clients can see this as unprofessional and they think you are available 24/7. It’s important to put systems into place for your business to run smooth. The email management system we recommend is Streak.

Schedule Emails with the Streak App

Streak is a Customer Relationship Manager  (CRM), that you can add as an extension to your Google Chrome browser, which is only compatible with Gmail. It gives you the opportunity to manage your emails and more from your inbox; it is the perfect app for those late nights and early morning hours.

Another helpful feature is email tracking. Streak will send you a desktop notification when someone opens the email that you’ve sent. This feature works best if you are sending to a single recipient rather than a group because due to privacy issues. Opens are not assigned to email addresses so it’s impossible to tell if one person is opening the email multiple times, or if each person has opened the email.

How to set up the Streak Extension

The process to set up the streak app extension is easy. Learn how to below:


Not working on GSuite yet? Liddleworks is a certified Google Partner and can help get you set up on GSuite, including email migration. Contact us to see if GSuite is a good solution for you.