November 2, 2018

How To Write An Effective Marketing Email

An effective marketing email is an essential part of your quickly approaching holiday marketing campaigns, or any digital marketing campaign for that matter. What does an effective one look like? An email with an impressive open-rate and click-through rate, bringing you sales. How do you get to this point? Here are our top tips for creating that effective marketing email. #1? Keep it short and sweet. Read the rest below.

Write a subject line that sells

You want recipients to want to click on that email in their inbox. Use humour, excitement, or tug on their heartstrings. Furthermore, put the most important words first, and avoid using any filler words. “Here’s 25% OFF, because you’re a VIP.” rather than “Because you’re a VIP, we’re going to give you 25% off!”

Infuse personality into the voice, on brand

The voice of your email should be decisive, clear, and clever. You want your readers to trust you, and be able to decipher the main point(s) in your message to them, while also finding your message entertaining, rather than a waste of time.

Speak to your readers, directly

Address your readers as “you”. Flatter them even, but avoid being creepy, or using exclamation points too often in your copy as that comes across as spammy. After all, this is a message that was catered to them specifically, right? Make them feel exclusive–like they’re the only one reading your email.

Share valuable content

Don’t just sell. Include a piece of valuable content so they’re left with something to take away from your brand (and a reminder to come back). Educate–inspire them, or do both!

Gather leads and sales

Promote action using at MOST three clickable links in your email. Ideally, you want to ask yourself, ‘where are the first and second places I want my audience going?’, and design your call-to-actions/ links around that. After the fact, monitor where the most clicks were so you can improve your template design further.

Now that you’re familiar with the components of an effective marketing email, when are the best times of the day to send it out? In general, according to Mailchimp, 10AM is an optimum time. This best time of day can differ slightly depending on the week. For this reason, do your research and your own testing. Another tip before you hit the road: Do your research and subscribe to lists of brands you like. See what they’re doing, and how they are piquing your curiosity. Now, do what they’re doing!

If you’re interested in starting an email marketing funnel, but don’t know where to start (What’s Mailchimp, you ask?) Ask us about list of services, which include exactly that!