August 30, 2012

“I urgently need your help”

I received an email message today where the sender’s first line was “I urgently need your help”. When someone urgently needs my help, I think they are in trouble, and that I need to mobilize myself, energy and resources into action. It irks me when I read further down the line that they are looking for me to buy their product. By the end of the email I feel duped and irritated. I implore you, dear business owner, stop employing lame marketers who use this kind of language. Let’s not muddle the word “urgency” with triviality in a society that does, in fact, have issues that are still damn urgent: world hunger, untimely death and disease, hate and corruption. Or have we become a society where the big problems are now acceptable conditions of life and buying your stuff so I can get more free stuff is actually deemed urgent?