June 12, 2017

Improve Your Writing Skills in 5 Simple Steps!

Clear, concise sentences formed from clear, concise thoughts create the most impact when communicating. Improve the quality of your writing with a few tweaks, and you will also improve the meaning of its content. Achieve eloquence and improve your writing skills in 5 simple steps! Happy writing!

Compact Words for Clear Thoughts

“Has been” is more than just a retired rock ‘n’ roller, it’s an overused phrase that makes sentences sluggish. Simply replace the phrase with “was”, “been” or, with a little wordsmithing, finagle an “ed” in there. It will tighten your sentences for more impact.


“Dr. Brooke has been my doctor for 9 years.” → “Dr. Brooke’s been my doctor for 9 years.”

“Jake has been my worker for 9 years.” → “Jake has worked with me for 9 years.”

Overused Words: “That” and “Just”

Strengthen sentences by cutting out superfluous words. We suggest you start with “that” and “just”. Often intended to increase significance of an idea, these filler words simply detract from the main message.


“Did you know that he went to Harvard?” → “Did you know he went to Harvard?”

“I just wanted to check in with you.” → “I wanted to check in with you.”

Reduce Redundancies: Do away with “I think.”

Chances are, if you’re writing it, you’re the one thinking it. Prefacing a statement with “I think” will only diffuse its message.


“I think this will improve your writing.” → “This will improve your writing.”

Rewrite to Remove “-ing” Endings

While not technically “wrong”, the overuse of words that end in “-ing” can dilute the value of the message. Avoid “-ing”, and you’re on your way to poignant communication.


“The writing we seek to produce is often disappointing and underwhelming when we don’t follow the rules.” → “When we don’t follow the rules, our writing can underwhelm and disappoint.”

Vary Sentence Length for Longer Attention Span

Keep your opener short. It’s more compelling that way. Then as you get into the concept behind the message, you can start to vary sentence length. It’ll keep the reader hooked, longer. Much longer. No one ever said two words couldn’t be a complete sentence. See our previous post called Your Best Bet For Better Writing: Sentence Rhythm.

Be sure to create an environment in which you’re able to sit and get those words flowing. With a comfortable space, you can build upon your writing skills and hit those goals.

These are our tips to keep your writing conversational, most important compelling. What’re your favourite ways to spice it up? Share with us in the comments below!