September 8, 2020

Increase your Social Media Reach with Hashtag Generator Tools

Are you looking for hashtag ideas to improve your social media posts? Want to get your content in front of more people online?

If you answered yes, then a Hashtag Generator is a smart way to do both with one easy-to-use tool.

Why Are Hashtags Important?

Hashtags help your clients find your content easily based on topics and interests. Think how many images, videos, captions, and other items have been posted on Instagram or Twitter since its inception. Hashtags make your content pop amongst all that data, and help people find your posts when they search for specific topics.

Hashtags also get your posts seen by a broader range of people than just your followers. When people search for posts relating to a topic, it’s the hashtag that sorts posts by topic ––as long as you know what the popular hashtags to use for your type of product or service.

So how do you find the most popular hashtags for your product or expertise? We like to use a hashtag generator tool that compiles the top hashtags used on Instagram by analyzing the data. Data is so good!

What’s a Hashtag Generator Tool?

A hashtag generator tool generates hashtags based on the visual or text information you give it.

Depending on the generator you use, you either upload a photo for analysis or type in a keyword. The generator will then feed you back a predetermined number of hashtags that relate to your image or keyword.

They’re a great option for rapidly scaling up your follower and engagement numbers, especially if you’re not sure what hashtags work best for your industry or type of content yet.

While there are literally hundreds of hashtag generators on the market, our favourites are:

All Hashtags: A free website that provides the 30 ‘best’ hashtags related to the term you search for. Results also include other related terms you can look for hashtags under. All Hashtags’ offerings also include hashtag analytics, a hashtag generator, and charts regenerated daily that show the world’s most popular hashtags.

Watch our Tech Tip Tuesday video on how to use it:

Sistrix: The easiest hashtag generator to use. Simply type in your hashtag into the search box, and Sistrix will return the 30 most closely related hashtags. Sistrix allows users to complete up to 25 free hashtag searches a day, with a subscription service if you need to do more searches.

Hashtags for Likes: Considered the #1 hashtag generator by social media experts, this paid service provides detailed analytics both on hashtags, related hashtags, and even your entire Instagram account. Results include reports and graphics both the most popular and currently trending hashtags related to your content. The generator can also be used with your Twitter and Tik Tok accounts.

How many hashtags should I use on each platform?

There are a few recommendations when deciding how many to add. So here are 5 platforms with their recommendations:

Facebook: 1-2

Instagram: 5-10, or some reach the max amount by hiding the 30 max hashtags in the comments.

TikTok: 1-8

LinkedIn: 1-2

Twitter: 1-2

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