August 12, 2011

LiddleTip #15 – How Lurking is Hurting the Organizations You Love

Do you like to read what’s going on with your favourite Facebook Page by reading every riveting post they provide? Do you find yourself looking forward to that first morning coffee in front of the computer, giggling at the witty banter, so lovingly crafted and really yell out loud “hooray, I think that too”, but you NEVER interact with the content, excepting the occasional “like”. Chances are you fit in the category of “the Lurker”.

Curating existing content, and coming up with original material is, as you can probably guess, a time consuming job and can be disappointing for the page administrator at best. But ego aside, there are so many more frustrations when your audience is a bunch of quietly appreciative Lurkers.

As you may have noticed, Facebook does not put all the activity of your friends, pages and groups through your newsfeed. Ya, boo Facebook, is what I say! The information found in your feed is based on the pages and people you interact with most. So, even if you currently enjoy knowing what is going on with a particular page, if you don’t interact with that page, at least on occasion, that page will be lost to you completely. The only way to reverse this is to remember to go to that page, and activate your interest again.

And the reverse goes for the page. If you don’t interact with the posts, the posts from that page get less and less exposure on other people’s feed. And that is why administrators work so hard to be engaging. I call it Performing the Lurker Hustle.