October 1, 2018

LIVE Event Coverage: How to create a lasting social media impression

LIVE Event Coverage: How to create a lasting social media impression

For your next event, you want to create a buzz that not only leads up to the date, but one that lasts throughout the evening. And after the fact. You want attendees excitedly Tweeting, snapping pictures and posting about the event as they experience it, right? Here are 5 steps to do so (gather your team ‘round):

1) Promote a signature event hashtag on social and across any collateral leading up to the event. Include this hashtag in every social post, and prompt event attendees and sponsors to do the same. Learn where to use this, and other hashtags in step #4.

2) You’re going to want to assemble a team, because one person cannot possibly simultaneously snap quality photos, manage Instagram, and live Tweet/video record without dropping the ball somewhere.

3) Use a professional photographer and ensure photos are shared with you as they’re captured. This can be done using an SD card reader, an attachment enabling photos to be loaded onto a smartphone for easy sharing. High quality photos taken by a single photographer will ensure cohesiveness across all content associated with the event. Further customize your content by designating one specific filter, using an app like VSCO, for all event photos being shared to social platforms.

4) Using a selection of platforms to post to throughout the event (ex. Twitter, Instagram + Facebook). Post content to Instagram and Facebook approximately once per hour and on Instagram Stories and Twitter consistently throughout the event.


Include event hashtag in each Tweet in addition to up to three others that are relevant. For content, pose questions, mention event highlights tagging other appropriate accounts, and share directions + scheduling tidbits with attendees to enhance their experience.

Tag partners, affiliated businesses, sponsors and relevant attendees in photos posted. The accounts tagged will receive notifications and in turn be more inclined to retweet/comment.


Assemble a list of hashtags relevant to the event to post with each photo below your caption, and ensure affiliated businesses and attendees are appropriately tagged in each post. (It’s not a bad idea to do your research ahead of time and assemble a list of businesses and influential guests). Utilize Instagram’s live video feature to caption behind-the-scenes content of followers, and capture the interest of followers otherwise unaware of the event.


Tweak Instagram content slightly for this platform by removing hashtags (including only the signature event hashtag) and optimizing tags to comply with the platform.

5) ‘That’s a wrap’!” Thank sponsors, affiliated businesses, the photographer (if independent), and attendees. Let your followers know where they can find event photos and recaps

Now it’s your turn. What hashtags will gain you the best traction across all platforms for your event? What is the anatomy of a Facebook post? Still unsure? Don’t sweat–we’ll teach you. Learn all about our flexible social media training packages here.