March 3, 2020

5 Ways To Create Highly Effective Visual Marketing Campaigns For Women


Women’s economic power is on the rise—and has been, quietly, if we’re honest, for a while now.  It’s up to marketing and visual communications to not only be smarter to stand out in a savvy market, but also to keep up with modern tactics to successfully appeal to this highly lucrative demographic.

Keep these five points in mind for creating effective visual marketing campaigns for women in 2020:

1. Play up the numbers

Have you seen an ad campaign guilty of “dumbing down” the facts? Maybe you’ve even been guilty of it yourself in the past, presenting easy analogies so your female audience will have a better understanding.

Well, guess what? They probably already do have a pretty high understanding of those charts, numbers and straight-up facts just as much as their male counterparts. Number-intimidation isn’t gender-specific. Go for the gold, your audience will appreciate it.

2. Stereotypes are so last decade

Those who identify as female come in all shapes and colours with beliefs and tastes that are as varied as they are. Those high heels or images of the spa? Think again. Dig deep into the well of inspiration for images that tell something about your product and service instead of slapping a pink font on a stock photo to attract female attention. Which sector of the female market are you targeting, and how can you appeal to them? The Huffington Post said it best: “Think before you pink.”

3. Vary your imagery for inclusivity

Thinking outside of the “pink” box also goes hand-in-hand with how you move forward with depicting the spectrum of femininity out there. They aren’t all married with children. Include mixed-gender couples, a variety of races and appearances, different ages and abilities, a mix of families and singles, and depict more varied situations that women can find themselves in (outside of domesticity). Everyone wants to see themselves reflected in the advertising we see, and representation matters.

4. Give women agency

Did you know that 40% of U.S. households have primarily female breadwinners—and children under 18? Mothers aren’t passively watching the world turn around them, they’re DOING something about it. Being role models, working to support their families, and achieving their dreams. Putting an active female we can relate to and aspire to be in an ad campaign will turn heads faster than a female who’s simply observing. Need some inspiration? These award-winning campaigns ought to do it.

5. Include women, even if you’re targeting men

While we’re on the topic of giving women agency, definitely don’t leave them out entirely. Taking regular stock of your visual inventory is important to ensure it’s still relevant and more importantly—inclusive. Leaving out a large percentage of your target market (women!) reduces your opportunity to make an emotional connection, thereby reducing your sales in the long run.

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