November 8, 2018

Mastering The Art of Twitter Engagement: Conversations That Will Grow Your Brand

How far do you scroll down on Twitter? Two swipes, maybe three? Most Twitter users don’t browse through many posts at one time. As a result, Tweets have a short lifetime. Furthermore, the interface keeps the most recent part of the feed at the top and cycles anything older down into the depths of Twitter, so you’re less likely to come across it when you’re browsing.

So, what kind of conversations do the short lives of Tweets facilitate?

Twitter Engagement

Let’s start with the basics: What is engagement? The total number of times a user interacts with a Tweet defines engagement. This number is comprised of clicks anywhere on the Tweet, retweets, replies, follows, likes etc.

Who are you engaging?

Check your analytics. Get to know your main audience. Your Twitter analytics can tell you where your followers live, their occupations, interests and more. You can view the breakdown of which subjects your audience is most interested in, for example ‘tech news’. (Hint, hint: Why do you think we wrote this blog?)

In just 280 characters, what do you talk about with the aim of connecting and engaging?

Here’s a topic cheat sheet, to alleviate Tweet writing blocks:

Share company updates:

Allow your followers to peek behind the scenes. Has someone new been hired into a big role within your company? Did you share a team bonding exercise or trip recently? Focusing on the ‘why’ behind these milestones will showcase your company values in a great way. Transparency is key to customer loyalty.

Demonstrate your expertise:

You’re an expert, right? Prove it. Justify your expertise by sharing bits of valuable content with your followers–the kind of stuff they can’t ignore. Share blog posts by you or your company, and share your opinion on those written by others in your industry. Answering followers’ questions openly and honestly is also a great tactic. Giving away some free value will demonstrate your worth and entice followers to reach for value that isn’t free.

Live Tweet:

Live Tweeting at an event will boost your engagement immensely. Start a conversation about an event you’re attending (ensure you’re using the right hashtags associated with the event) and invite other attendees to share their opinions/ answer questions. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you can catalyze a conversation that stretches further than the confines of the event space.

Finally, converse often, in a timely manner. Twitter is a relatively live platform, which means the more you talk to people, the more the reverse will occur as followers discover that there is a real person, engaging in real time, behind your brand. This will bring you more followers, and a broader reach.

Due to Twitter’s immediate nature, another great way to utilize this platform is for customer service. People actually expect that brand Twitter handles are monitored more regularly than other platforms, making it one of the best places for customers to directly interact with businesses.

Does Twitter seem like too much to handle? Don’t worry, we can take that off your plate. Learn more about our social media services–like Twitter management.