December 28, 2016

My image won’t show when I post a link to Facebook: using Facebook Debugger

Have you ever had trouble posting a link to your blog or website have and the fun / gorgeous / important photo that accompanies your link not show up in the link preview on Facebook?

Using Facebook Debugger to see preview images

It’s not only frustrating, but also important not to leave out since we (the audience) is more likely to click on content that is visually stimulating and catches our attention.

Some stats on why visuals are better for engagement, branding and sales:

  1. According to Xerox, research shows that coloured images increased how much a piece of content was consumed (and engaged with) by 80%.
  2. In addition to getting more audience attention, visuals improve brand differentiation by 25%. Good branding helps us remember that we prefer Klennex over any other tissue brand.
  3. The Picture Superiority Effect refers to the evidence-based theory that shows when words are paired with images, people are more likely to remember concepts than with words alone. When a lead is ready to purchase, your brand is more likely to come to mind.

With that in mind, here’s how you use the Facebook Debugger Tool.

Simply enter the url of your page into the url box and hit the “debug” button.


Then you can try refreshing your Page and adding your link again and see if it pulls the image.

LiddleTip: you may need to do it more than once. I’ve had to do it up to 3 times. If it doesn’t work after multiple times, seek help from your developer.

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