February 7, 2012

Show a Little Love…

February is Love month, and with that theme in mind, I have a little love challenge for you, a small way that you can spread a little love around that could bring big returns to your favourite small business and your only investment is about 10 – 15 minutes. But first, I want to tell you a story.

I have now had the pleasure of working with about 20 small business owners. I call them skill-based owners because their training is usually in some kind of product making, or service providing, which they have for a variety of reasons decided to turn into a small business to call their own. These business owners are almost all women, and they offer diverse products and services, have incredibly different values and personalities, but the thing that they all have in common is their commitment and determination to make a go of their adventure. Speaking from experience, being a small business owner is hard work that usually means hours in front of a computer or sorting through mountains of paperwork long after a full day of making product or providing services. It can mean struggling to make payroll, and taking losses during your learning curve. More often than not the experience is isolating because friends and family think that people who work for themselves “set their own hours”, when in fact, they work twice as long. The stress can sometime be downright brutal. But all in all, that perseverance is is what sets them apart from those who prefer to have a stable job. While the risk is great, so can be the rewards.

For the month of February, I ask you to think of that one small business owner you love/admire/support and take the time to write them a little review on how they made your life easier/pleasant/convenient on Yelp or Google. So many times we only say something when we are dissatisfied. Let’s take a moment to be satisfied publicly.

Here are a couple of links for your convenience:


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