June 3, 2019

DIY Social Media Tools

[updated: Oct. 30/23]

Organizational Apps To Simplify Your Online Life

I’ve had a number of people query me about what kinds of tools I use to organize my social media life. The fact that that is a question at all speaks to how much social media has become intertwined — or even taken over! — aspects of both our personal and professional lives. Our online impression is often the first one people get of this these days, and so it’s important to make it a good one. And that, well — that takes considerable work and organization. Whether you’re a small business, starting out, an entrepreneur, or working for somebody else, social media can be an incredible marketing tool. The logistics and the sheer amount of time that needs to be put into it to “get it right” can also be daunting.

The right tools can demystify the social media process. I’ve created a list of what I like to think of as Social Media Sanity Tools. In the spirit of transparency, this post does contain some affiliate links that I make a small commission off of at no additional cost to you, but I would use and recommend them all regardless! I don’t work with something or someone I don’t believe in. There are also quite a few on the list that aren’t affiliates because this post really is about recommending good things to simplify your life, not about me making money!

Many of the “sanity tools” are free to use. Do keep in mind that there are in-app purchases involved with some of them. And if you think I’ve missed an app or program that you love, please leave a comment below! I LOVE testing new tools (and sharing the best of the best with you).

Best Email Templates

Really Good Emails (RGE for short) aims to be the best showcase of email design and resources on the web. It’s great to peek at for ideas to implement good design on your own emails.

Email Signature Generator

There are quite a few email signature generators to be found online. But I think Hubspot offers the nicest one in terms of the layout and design options. Remember, refer to your branding guideline document to choose the right font for your brand.

Capitalize My Title

Our free headline analyzer uses over 50 different data points to evaluate your headline on a scale from 1-100 for the following categories readability, SEO, and sentiment (emotion). To get started, enter a headline below and press the “Analyze Headline” button.


This blog title generator has hundreds of keyword suggestions for blogs based on the most popular search terms on Google and gives you give you dozens of ideas of titles in a matter of minutes.

Read more for our ultimate blog title generator guide.

Facebook Debugger

Use this tool when you try to share a link on Facebook and the preview image does not appear. Simply put in the URL and hit “debug”. If it doesn’t work on the first try, you can hit the “scrape” button. Sometimes it takes a few times. Depending on the way the developer has organized the site, you may find this doesn’t work, but I find it mostly does.


For the Freelancers out there, Freshbooks is my invoicing system of preference. It allows for auto invoicing for monthly and yearly subscriptions. It also allows your clients to pay you online and has a relatively good expense tracking system and mobile app. The best part? Their customer service is unbelievable!





Unfollow the worst and Follow the best Twitter accounts with this easy Twitter follower manager. ManageFlitter has a free premium account.

One Time Secret

This tool creates an encrypted piece of information you can send as a link that can only be opened once by the recipient. They’ll need the passphrase you entered when creating the content to open the link, at which point the encrypted information is deleted off One Time Secret’s servers for good. It’s free, easy to use, and a great way to keep sensitive information secure.

Pixelmator Pro

Why shell out for Adobe Creative Cloud when you simply need to create a few social media images every month and a few blog post and email banners? Of course you shouldn’t! We found Pixelmator Pro that has a low, one-time fee to get your image-making dreams going. We don’t get an affiliate kick-back for this one, we just want to solve your graphic problems.


Sometimes you have a quote you just want to share with the world, right? Introducing Quozio; a free, online quote maker! It’s an easy and fast quote generator, that will turn your words into shareable images where you’re able to save, download, and post them to your Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. With Quozio, you can let your creativity run wild and free with their available designs, or simply make your own; no design skills required!


Need a free PDF editor? PDF Candy offers 45 different PDF editing functions. It’s incredibly easy to use and there are no access limits.

Learn how to use its PDF to JPEG function in our Tech Tip Video.

Disclaimer: I do get a kick-back from some of these links if you decide you like them too, but I ONLY keep the tools here that I actually use on a regular basis, so there is nothing wrong with that, right? 


Publishing audio content such as videos, podcasts, lectures, songs, or other content with background noise may decrease the relevance of your content. AudioEnhancer.ai is the best noise removal tool to help pass your message on effectively to the target audience.

Dive into the details of the guide to use this audio enhancer tool in our blog