November 20, 2018

The Best Project Management Apps for Your Team

What is the secret weapon that all successful teams have in common? What keeps them moving forward, effectively in synch? The perfect project management app.

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When you Google “project management”, an array of softwares surface. There are a lot out there to choose, from paid to free. Guess what? Choosing one doesn’t need to be complicated.  After all, isn’t the point of one of those softwares to make your life simpler? In fact, the most important step of choosing the right project management software is the actual use of it–creating the lists, and assigning the tasks, in whichever style they appear on the interface.

Chose one that fits you.

Here are our top 3 favourite project management apps, to save you from sifting through the long lists out there.

Microsoft Project

This happens to to be the most widely used project management software, but also a more difficult one to get the swing of using. Microsoft Project can also be costly, but you have options such as public or private groups, customized reports, and burn rate tracking.

Microsoft recognizes its different classes of users through this software’s various user options. As a result, your employees/colleagues can have differing access levels to projects, views and other data.


Designed by one of Facebook’s cofounders, Asana integrates email communication within its project management experience. There are lots of integrations to be taken advantage of, and project managers can add task details, share files and start team conversations inside the app. There is even a handy ‘search’ feature.

To top it off, view your workflow in list or calendar format. Up to 15 users supported on this software’s free plan.


Our favourite (we might be biased). Trello is very flexible, you simply have to decide what management approach you’re going to take for projects using this tool.

Based on the concept of trusty Kanban boards, Trello is like a virtual white board, employing a series of columns with cards assigned to those columns. The columns can be categorized for anything—from days of the week, to specific members of the project, to individual projects themselves. This software is compatible with web, Android, and iOS devices. Sold? Use our affiliate link, here.

Whichever software you chose, be sure to pick one that appeals to you and your team user-wise, and satisfies its specific requirements for its use for your life. Perhaps you chose the most expensive, highly rated one, but if you don’t have the time to sit down and learn how to take advantage of all of its selling features. What’s the point? Move your workflow from paper and pen, to an organized app and you’ll never look back. We promise.