September 1, 2010

The Warne Family Fundraiser Project

Yesterday I met with Andrea Robbie, a lovely woman who recently put out a call for help on the Dickens neighbourhood list-serve. She and a group of women friends have been organizing a fundraiser music and silent auction event to start a fund for a family suffering from the stress of a cancer diagnosis.

Anna was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago, and in the same week, was informed she was pregnant. Baby Nolan was subjected through necessity to a course of surgery and chemotherapy prescribed to Anna. A fighter, Nolan is now two and a half, and has his own health issues, specifically, developmental problems. He has been receiving and benefiting from treatments administered only at a clinic in San Francisco. As the family is located here in Vancouver, the cost of travel, not to mention the treatments themselves, as they are not covered by MSP, have been a burden. Coupled by the devastating diagnosis that Anna’s cancer has spread to include bone and liver, and she is also receiving treatment that is not covered by MSP, Andrea and her group have stepped up to the plate to provide some financial help that will help ease the stresses felt by the Warne family.

As part of my idea that we need articulate our values and ethics in a day to day way, I have offered my services to promote their event and set up a website that can receive donations and ticket sales for their events. I am happy to say that three of my clients have also taken up the cause. Natasha McHardy of Penelope Brown, Leslie Cairns of Buggy Bag Mobility Products and Lorri Dar of Kokopelli Penelope Salon and Body Lounge have all donated items for the silent auction. If you are interested in participating, please see the Warne Family Fundraiser Central Website for ideas on how you can contribute. Thanks in advance!