November 16, 2021

Why Should I Use Link Shorteners?

Have you ever wanted to post a link but it’s just waaay too long? 

We’ve been there… It’s not very attractive as there are many random numbers and letters in the link that nearly ALWAYS reach the character limit especially on Twitter. And a really long URL just looks overall SUS. 

But by using a URL shortener, you can eliminate this problem. It makes the user’s reading experience smoother, particularly on social posts, where you want to be able to attract, engage, connect, and draw your audience in, with attention-grabbing, easy-to-look-at posts. 

Not only are they nicer to look at, but did you know they also measure performance? Here’s how!

By compacting these links, most of their sites offer the ability to track the clicks you share as well as the breakdown of visitors who clicked, when, where, and other demographics, as this is information that can help with the campaign’s overall ROI. 

But wait, how do these link shorteners work? Well, they simply “remember” the longer link and compress it down to a readable and more attractive, shorter link. When users click the shorter link they will be redirected to the full address.

You can also create customizable and snappier links for your audience to recognize your links easier, which is also a great way for them to be memorable! 

There are so many different URL shortening sites, you just have to pick the one you like best! 

Some classics we’d like to include: 

Let us know which one’s your favourite!

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