September 22, 2017

You’ve been handed a video, so how do you share it?

I’ve had a few clients contact me lately asking questions on how to share their video files. There are two ways, and, as you know, I recommend using all content a good excuse to make a new blog post. Here are the steps to share video both publicly and privately:

  1. Uploading the video file to your Youtube account.
    1. Go to your Youtube account from your Google shortcuts button or your Google Business Listing Page. (If you have many accounts, your Google Business Listing Page will ensure you’re at the right account).
    2. Add a great title, think of a question that someone will type into Google to find the content you are providing. Then craft your title from that question.
  2. Once your video is on Youtube, you can share from there.
    1. If the content is appropriate for a blog post:
      1. Find the “share” button below the video
      2. Choose “embed code” and put that code into the “text” version of you blog editor. After doing so, go back to “visual editor” and you will see the video has been placed in the blog article.
      3. Write some text describing the video for Google crawlers can find and index your page appropriately.
      4. Publish and share your blog link.
    2. If it’s not appropriate for a blog article, upload video to Youtube, and find the “video link”, also found by clicking “share” below the Youtube video and email that link (not the url in the browser address).
    3. If it’s private content, you can set the video in Youtube as “private” and follow #2.
  3. If you are sharing on Facebook, make sure you upload the file into Facebook rather than share a Youtube link.

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