October 16, 2023

Audioenhancer.ai Review: Is it the Best Tool for Noise Removal in 2023?

Audio Enhancer for Voice recordings and podcast voice clarity 2023 Does noise decrease the effectiveness of your audio? Is this the leading cause of the low popularity of your podcasts, videos, lectures, songs, or other content? 

Then don’t stress out because we have the solution to your problem. Audio enhancers are tools to eliminate noise from your audio and voice recordings. However, finding a perfect tool is hard when the internet hosts many audio-enhancing tools. In this guide, we will text a popular audio enhancer to see if it is the best tool for noise removal in 2023. 

So stay with us and see if it is the best tool or not!!

What is an Audioenhancer.ai?

An audioenhancer.ai is a gadget that uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to improve the quality of audio recordings or streams. The audio quality is improved by removing noises, cleaning speech, enhancing voice, equalizing, improving voice quality, and many more. All these factors combine to make your audio audible, intelligible, and effective. 

How does it target noise?

Before we discuss how it targets noise, it’s essential to differentiate the different types of noise. Noise is the unnecessary sounds in an audio or video that decrease the audibility of an audio. There are four types of noise:

  • Continuous noise – the noise that stays consistent throughout the audio is called “continuous noise,” for example, the humming sound of a refrigerator. 
  • Intermittent noise – the irregular noise that increases or decreases is called intermittent noise—for example, car honking in the neighbourhood. 
  • Impulsive noise – sudden harsh sounds are called impulsive noise—for example, the slamming of a door.
  • Low-frequency Noise – the inaudible noise that consists of lower frequencies than humans can hear is called low-frequency noise. This noise occurs in vibrations—for example, sound produced by heavy machinery. 

Now that we have covered the four different types of noise, it’s time to see how an audio enhancer targets the noise.

The audioenhancer.ai is an AI tool that can distinguish between speech sounds, background noises, instrumental sounds, and song lyrics. The tool effectively identifies and removes the noises to make your audio clear and audible. 

What are the Features of Audioenhancer.ai?

Many features make this audio enhancer top-quality. Let’s discuss them in detail:

Improve Quality:

It is an AI tool that improves the audio quality by increasing the speech sounds and decreasing the background sounds. 

Clear Speech:

It clarifies and enhances the speech or vocals, making them much more audible for the listener. Thus, the audience will be able to understand the audio better. 

Remove Noise:

As discussed above, noise removal is a highlighting feature of this tool. It removes all four kinds of noises that result in the enhancement of the speech sounds and improvement of overall audio quality. 

Fix Levels:

It fixes the levels of loudness and softness to improve the speech. Aside from loudness, it also sets the levels of frequency and pitch and brings them to an audible range. 


The audio enhancer can adjust the frequency balance of the audio to improve the quality of the tone in general. For instance, it can attenuate specific frequencies to make voices sound clear.

Remove Echo:

This tool also removes echo from your audio, making the sound more professional and understandable. 

Improve Songs:

Powered by AI technology, this tool will not confuse and remove instrumental voice for unwanted noise, unlike the tools without AI. The song lyrics are also improved, just like speech sounds. Thus, by improving both musical and lyrical elements, the songs are enhanced just like any audio. 

How to use the audio enhancer?

Simplicity is an excellent quality of this audio enhancer. It is super simple to use yet provides terrific accuracy in audio enhancement. 

Here’s how to use this tool:

  1. The user must have a recorded audio or video. If you don’t have the video or audio to enhance, you can record one as always. It is important to note that a user must try to make a reasonable quality audio file, even though we will refine it with the help of an audio enhancer. 

(better the audio, better the audio enhancement)

  1. The next step is to open the audioenhancer.ai.
  2. Click the “Add file” button and choose an audio recording from your computer. (the audio must not be longer than 5 minutes and no larger than 50 MB).
  1. Now, click on the “choose enhancement” drop-down button and choose an appropriate enhancement type:
  • Improve the quality 
  • Reduce the background noise 
  • Clean up the speech
  • Fix loudness and level
  1. Now, choose the appropriate content type by clicking the drop-down button, “Select the content type.”
  • Mobile video 
  • Podcast 
  • Educational video 
  • Interview/meeting 
  • Lecture/conference 
  • Voice recording 
  • Professional audio 
  • Professional video 
  • Other 
  1. Click the “Enhance Audio” button and wait a few seconds. 
  1. The enhanced audio will appear in a dialogue box. Play and listen to see its authenticity. If you don’t like the enhancement, you can improve it again until you get the desired results. 
  1. To download the audio, click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the audio and click the download button. 

You can enhance any audio or voice recording using audioenhnacer.ai; it will improve the audio and provide you with the desired results for free.

Is it the Best Audio Enhancer in 2023?

Yes! It is the best audio enhancer in 2023 because it provides quality audio improvement for free. It removes the noise and clarifies the speech, instrumental sounds, and song lyrics. It is, thus, the best tool for podcasters, lecturers, videographers, YouTubers, and singers in 2023.